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Polka Dot Elephant is a boutique lifestyle PR and communications agency helping brands get their voices heard in the UK.




No-nonsense approach to launching new brands to the UK market, offering a completely bespoke service to include:

* Strategic Planning

* Consumer Media Relations

*Reputation Management

*Influencer Engagement

*Creative Consultation


A dynamic collection of innovative lifestyle clients that we are wholly passionate about

Initially London
Kiss The Hippo
Women Fest
Grifco PR
Togetherness Festival


Past Clients 


Who We Are

Lallie Fraser founded Polka Dot Elephant in 2016 after working for one of the most reputable luxury travel PR agencies in London, leading a team that launched some of the world's most iconic hotels, as well as spending time at a national newspaper. She understands what it is like to be on either side of the PR coin and what it takes to create a juicy story. 

Polka Dot Elephant works as an extension to your team providing a service that feels in-house. Lallie prefers a direct approach and will always pick up the phone to sound out an idea and probably ask what you're planning for dinner too.  The Polka Dot Elephant clients are a carefully curated list and they feel like family.



The best relationships start at hello....

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